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    The Reasons Why (Studio cut. Full band)
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Tatiana Erse's latest single, recorded in Los Angeles, at AK PRODUCTIONS AND STUDIOS.

Producer, Aaron Kusterer. 

As the story says

It's too late

And now i can't compare

No love is safe

I'm loosing my mind

I can't stop spinning

I'm loosing my breath

It's hurting my chest

Nowhere to go tonight

This ache for you

Is consuming

My appetite

I wanna know the reasons why

I wanna be with you now

I got your taste in my mouth

It got stuck in my head, I hate the days after that

Is it now that time

When i leave you behind?

Thoughts of us

Those times of you and i.

Memories of the days we lived

Heartache for the nights we seized 

There's nothing left here for us

I was over, i knew it was!


Never ending 

Movie pictures in my head

Of the moments we never had

And the words we never said

Yes, i wanted to say goodbye

But you found a new place to hide

Out of my sight, out of my mind

Out of my life!


Songwriter, singer and rhythm guitars - Tatiana Erse

Producer/electric guitars, Mixing - Aaron Kusterer

Keys - Steve Aguilar

Bass - Russ Walters

Drums - Zak St John 

Carla B.

Wow! You are such an amazing lyricist ! I am in awe of you . 

Carla B.

What a gorgeous song! You sound so amazing!! I love your work. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful art.