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    A Song for You (Live at Sunset Sound audio)
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You asked me if I

Would ever write a song about you


I've only written about a few

You told me stories

You made me laugh

You promised me moments

That we would never have

Sometimes I give up on the one thing

I want the most, it's maddening

By sacrificing your worth, I think I am free

Then I get started again, as you see.


At the first time of struggle

And I run for the hills

I realize that I'm just scared

To feel the way, the way you make me feel...


Now I don't know what to do

I could write so many songs for you

It wasn't meant to be a thing

But I can't help it, you make me sing


If anyone asked me why,

I wouldn't know for sure

I'd like to think that I try

Cause I've done this thing before

I think I let myself down

Too much

The One still hangs around

I fell the need for his touch



Singer/Songwriter/rhythm guitar Tatiana Erse