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    Crickets And Airplanes (Live at Sunset Sound audio)
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The sounds of the night

Reminds me

How tonight 

It's too quiet

No one to tame

These secret flames

Just crickets

And airplanes

Outside voices, dull dark lanes

Where heads lay low to the sounds of late

Stars that falls from space

Just crickets and airplanes


Just one alone and one for all

No signs of chains

Forever still, stays

Just crickets and airplanes


Untouched, uncovered, unloved

Unusually brave

Too aware of their names

Just crickets and airplanes

Soudless to the def at heart

Groundless, i stand apart

Clean up those tear stains

Just crickets and airplanes



Inside my head

There's nowhere to hide

Promises that you made

Still no one came tonight

No one said it was wrong

No one said it was right

Nobody left me

I left everybody behind